Jan Kulveit
Jan works as a research scholar at FHI, with a focus on the behaviour and interactions of boundedly rational agents and more generally on making AI aligned with humans. Previously he did research on phase transitions and complex systems, was a co-director of CZEA and founded one for-profit and two social businesses along the way. He enjoys views from beautiful mountains, drinking tea, and open spaces.

Nora Ammann
Nora is co-director of EA Geneva where she leads workshop and coaching activities, contributes to research on policy making and thinks about strategy. She is interested in human cognition, collective decision making (and, in particular, the interaction between the two), complexity science, moral uncertainty, truth seeking and continuous self-improvement.

Přemek Bejda
Přemek works in an investment company and investing is currently also one of his interests, after studying statistics, time series analysis and risk management. He is an experienced instructor of experiential education events and organized outdoor events in all environments, including winter mountains. He investigates mainly his own mind.

Tomáš Gavenčiak
Tomáš is a researcher in AI safety, algorithms and game theory. Previously he worked at Department of applied mathematics, Charles University, Algorithms group at ETH Zurich and Google Zurich. He is an EA, rationalist, a curious guy who enjoys nature, good tea, board games, introspection and shared experiences. He used to organize experiential camps for talented high-schoolers, do various crafts and acro-yoga.

Anna Gajdova
Anna is Mathematics student and a curious learner. She often helps with EA and rationality events. She is a bookworm and enjoys spending time with her dog.

Blanka Havlíčková
Blanka is interested in landscape of human mind and also enjoys hiking and camping in the middle of nowhere. She has organized expiriential education events before and is excited that the time of playing, improvising and creativity will come soon again. When not organizing events, she evaluates grants for a grant agency and does research in social comparison and its effect on subjective human wellbeing. She did a PhD in behavioural economics in Prague and Haifa.

Daniel Hnyk
Dan works remotely as a team lead of data engineering team for a London-based startup. Enjoys (definitely not in this order) life hacking, philosophy, rationality, tech, CS, ML/AI, relationships, people skills, parenting, self-dev… Dan also co-founded Prague LessWrong group and Czech EA Association.

Vojta Kovařík
Vojta studied PhD in abstract math in Prague and now works as a researcher in game theory and AI safety. In his free time he organizes rationality activities in Prague. Also, a nerd when it comes to fantasy / Dungeons and Dragons / weird metal music / PC games.

Kaj Sotala
Researcher at Foundational Research Institute. Currently focused on harmonizing his nature as a multi-agent mind (techniques: meditation, Internal Family Systems, Focusing, etc.).

Filip Štědronský
Computer science student and part-time programmer. Obsessed with all kinds of learning, both in terms of knowledge and abilities, from evolutionary biology to physics, history of science or impro dance.